Ghost Rider fans looking forward to the defunct-Hulu series may now have something to look forward to as a new report is now saying that a new project about the Spirit of Vengeance is now being developed by Marvel Studios. This news comes several months since we last heard about Kevin Feige‘s interest in the character.

It’s unclear at the moment which of the several Spirit of Vengeances they plan to bring into the MCU. Johnny Blaze seems like the obvious choice as the most famous Ghost Rider despite the terrible Nicolas Cage films. Danny Ketch is the Wally West to Johnny Blaze’s Barry Allen and he’d make a pretty good choice too. There’s also the prospect of female Ghost Rider, Alejandra Jones. Unfortunately, given the recency of his role and the tenuous connections to the film division, it’s unlikely that Gabriel Luna‘s Robbie Reyes gets a shot at this.

Source: MCU Direct