There’s never a shortage of rumors that pop up online in regard to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However exciting some of them may be, most turn out to be duds. But every now and then, the occasional soothsayer comes by and drops actual plot details without us ever noticing until the film comes out.

Meet Roger Wardell, a mysterious Twitter user whose horrifyingly accurate Avengers: Endgame scoopage from 6 months ago is currently making the rounds online now that the film is out. Not to be confused with some of his Twitter copycats RogerWardell2 and RogerWardell3 (this distinction has to be made), the real Roger Wardell got details like Fat Thor, the Jarvis cameo, and the HYDRA elevator sequence correct. He even knew about Thanos’ decapitation this far out. So yeah, Wardell has amassed clout, which brings us to the whole point of this piece – his latest tweets about the MCU’s future.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

The first one is an interesting one, as it fits the story hints we got back in September 2017 on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. James Gunn, before his infamous firing, teased that an upcoming project would focus on Rocket’s origins. The appearance of Lylla might hint at a visit to their home planet Halfworld. Hopefully, we might also meet Blackjack O’Hare or Wal Rus as part of the film to flesh out his origin. High Evolutionary as his creator would be an interesting spin, especially if they keep his origins from the comics. His involvement may also be a nice connection to the Beyonder, who could also be an interesting overarching villain like Thanos was for the Infinity Saga.

The inclusion of Moondragon, Drax’s daughter, would certainly add an interesting layer to the film. In the comics, she is actually a survivor of her parent’s killing, as Drax originally was a human whose soul bounded to a new body. She even has ties to Thanos after being taken in by Thanos’ father Mentor. Naturally, Drax’s origins are very different in the movies so she may be reinterpreted as a survivor that became another one of Thanos’ daughters. Would make for an interesting spin on the character and still keep their movie background intact. Interesting enough, there is no mention of Thor who will be joining the Guardians after the events of Endgame. Will be interesting to see if he will have any influence on the story moving forward.

Doctor Strange 2

After showing off his skills in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, Doctor Strange might have cemented himself as one of Marvel’s strongest characters. It certainly opens up the question of what direction they might be heading and it looks like they might be adding some interesting supporting characters. Clea was the disciple and even lover of Strange in the comics. It would make sense for him to want to teach someone as we saw many in-training magicians during the battle with Thanos. Perhaps they will even include her as someone who was part of the battle that wants to learn more from the doctor. He will also not have his time stone so the thing keeping Dormammu in check is not available anymore.

Jericho Drumm is also an interesting addition. His character is mostly known as Brother Voodoo and would become the Sorcerer Supreme at one point. His brother was a victim of Kaecilius during the events from the first Doctor Strange so his powers might play into the stories plot. Especially if they want to bring back Tilda Swinton who already had a fantastic cameo in Endgame. Her returning and the 1980s reference in the tweet, maybe we will also get the return of Kaecilius to flesh out his character a bit more.


This is an older tweet that still has some interesting hints at what is to come if Marvel Studios would move forward with this kind of project. James Gunn has hinted at his interest in directing a Thunderbolts film back in 2014, which some ideas might now be used in his upcoming The Suicide Squad project. Still, quite a few villains and anti-heroes have survived their film appearances and it would seem like perfect timing to introduce a villain-based team while the Avengers franchise takes a break. It also fits with the rumors that a Dark Avengers script was being worked on back in October. The line-up teased makes a lot of sense with Zemo most likely as the leader.

Justin Hammer providing them with equipment would be a great way to have Sam Rockwell return to the role since the short cameo in All Hail the King. General Ross will probably also try to have a team he can control as the Avengers rebuild and they could introduce a few new characters. It is a bit disappointing that they won’t be able to get Crossbones on the team after his death in Captain America: Civil War. Also, the tease for the Leader to finally make his appearance is really intriguing. Thunderbolts could become the bridge for a lot of characters that haven’t been seen for many years.

It’s fascinating to read these scoops years before we could ever see them pan out. With almost no context on what the MCU’s future could look like, Wardell’s tweets almost feel ludicrous. His Avengers: Endgame scoops certainly felt that way when they came out months back. Certainly, no one what Endgame was going to be about so hearing Thor was going to be fat drew WTF reactions from fans.

What do you think of these rumors? Would you want to watch a Thunderbolts trilogy?

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