James Gunn is riding high off the very promising word-of-mouth surrounding his upcoming Suicide Squad movie but he’s also soon transitioning to his home turf of Marvel Studios once production for the next Guardians of the Galaxy film commences. In an interview with Collider, Gunn revealed that the spin-off Holiday Special will film congruently with Vol. 3 and that the special will be canon and less than 40-minutes long.

A lot of fans have wondered whether the Holiday Special would be in the vein of the Star Wars Holiday Special television film which was 2-hours long or just a brief 20-minute TV episode. It looks like we’ll be in that sweet spot where it’s a glorified Marvel One-Shot. Gunn also revealed that the same sets from Vol. 3 will be used in the film which is nice to hear. All in all, it’s a nice update from Gunn about a spin-off that feels like a gift from the MCU gods.

Source: Collider