There is no doubt that director Taika Waititi is a master of the mockumentary format after his indie Sundance hit What We Do in the Shadows. Luckily enough for MCU fans, we got to see Waititi stretch those muscles of his in a couple of non-canon short films during the promotion of Thor: Ragnarok. The two “Team Thor” shorts featured Chris Hemsworth as Thor, opposite an ordinary human roommate named Darryl. For the home release for Ragnarok, it’s now Jeff Goldblum’s time to shine as his standout character, the Grandmaster.

The preview above is for “Team Darryl,” a short film project that Goldblum had disclosed about late last year. As with the “Team Thor” videos, this funny little short will examine the quirky and absurd roommate politics between an ordinary human Australian and a hedonistic, eccentric Sakaarian. The short is likely non-canon as with the previous ones, but it somewhat takes place presumably after the Grandmaster is thwarted by a slave revolution, and confirms the death of his right-hand woman Topaz (Rachel House). Marvel this week also released an extended version of a scene between the two characters.

Look out for the full “Team Darryl” short after the digital release of Thor: Ragnarok on February 20, and the home release on March 6.

Source: USA Today/Twitter