Over the past few years, soundtracks to various movies have increasingly become popular.  Since you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — don’t worry, we are too — it’s hard to not attribute, at least partially, the success of the modern movie soundtrack to director James Gunn — mastermind behind the Guardians franchise.

Gunn has made the soundtracks a huge part of both of his entries into the MCU.  He’s even gone on record saying that the score and soundtrack were both determined and complete prior to filming so that the cast and crew could listen along as they filmed on set.

The fan-favorite director even took to Instagram recently to announced that the soundtrack to Vol. 2 had been certified gold, selling over 500,000 copies in the United States and over a million worldwide.  Needless to say, these soundtracks that Gunn determines are now a legitimate business opportunity for Marvel Studio, making the House of Ideas millions.

Being the big Guardians fan I am, I tweeted Gunn earlier this year to see where he was at in determining the soundtrack for Vol 3.  Gunn responded he had a list of 181 songs he was working on.

Here at MCU Exchange, some of us happen to be pretty big fans of music.  We decided to put our heads together and offer up some songs to Gunn — the music maestro himself — you know, just in case he needed a little assistance putting together some of the songs that Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) will find on his fresh new Zune.

Let’s Live For Today (The Grass Roots)

Okay, I’m not going to lie.  This has been a long-time personal favorite song of mine and, quite frankly, I think it’s a song that’d make for some sheer badassery at various points through Vol. 3.  And as it’s a song by The Grass Roots, it’d make the perfect opportunity for a cameo by Creed Bratton, right?

Think about the title itself — it’s the entire mantra of the ragtag band of misfits we’ve come to know and love.  The Guardians venture across the cosmos living in the moment, handling anything that comes across their path.

“Sha-la-la-la-la-la, live for today.”

The chorus is one we’ve all heard, and it’s one that would most certainly get stuck in your head whenever you hear it on a commercial.

“And don’t worry ‘bout tomorrow, hey.”

Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)

One thing noticeably missing from Guardians of the Galaxy is Queen. It may seem as the “obvious” wish, but Bohemian Rhapsody, released in 1975 in their album “A Night at the Opera”, is just a perfect fit for the franchise.

With Quill’s Zune having an almost endless supply on songs for Gunn to make use of, it seems like the perfect time to give Queen time to shine and to do the classic some justice — we’re looking at you, Suicide Squad.

The song could be included to create a joyous action sequence. It also has some great themes that work well with Quill’s current situation and his relationship with his mother. Alone the line “I killed a man” works well on him having to deal with the fact that he may feel guilt for having Yondu die and actually killing his own father. It could very well be “The Chain” for Vol. 3.

Tom Sawyer (Rush)

Move along Spielberg and Ready Player One, this song should have been the Guardian’s theme since the beginning.  Imagine the team suiting up in the Milano — they’re getting ready to fight one of the biggest threats they’ve ever faced.  They’re getting ready to save the galaxy…for a third time.

‘A modern-day warrior, mean, mean stride.”

Quill is getting ready to put on his helmet.  Gamora is sharpening her swords.  Drax is putting gauze pads on his chest so the jetpack doesn’t chafe his nipples.

Rocket is busy assembling a bomb.  Groot — now a member of some frat at Knowhere State University — can’t help but wonder if they actually make trees pay back student loans.

“Today’s Tom Sawyer, mean, mean pride.”

All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan)

Vol. 3 might as well be considered a turning point in the franchise. Gunn has teased work on various spin-offs, so it might be some time before the Guardians will be back together after the film has ended.

With a certain feeling of finality, it almost seems like Bob Dylan’s 1967 song, All Along The Watchtower would be a perfect fit.

It works well to build on a sentimental finale that sees the various members of this band of misfits’ head off into their own directions.

My Hero (Foo Fighters)

We might see Quill try out some brand new types of songs. As the Zune was not released until 2006, there are a lot of possibilities of what modern songs he could check out.

As a long-time Foo Fighters fan, it would be amazing to see them use the song My Hero from their 1997 album, The Colour and the Shape. There were hints that the Zune would feature a lot of songs that pay tribute to Yondu and this song just seems like a nice touch.

We will hopefully still get to see the infamous Ravager make an appearance in Vol. 3. This song seems like a perfect fit for some kind of flashback to a time when Yondu was teaching Quill how to fend for himself. After his passing, he may come to realize how much he looked up to him after all.

What do you think, Guardians fans?  Do you have some favorites songs you’d like to see in Vol. 3?  Let us know in the comments below!