This weekend Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opened in 37 markets over the weekend, including much of Europe and the Antipodean nations.  The overall haul was very close to the predictions for the weekend, coming in just over the $100 million projection at $101.2 million.  The result was better than most Marvel sequels, with the film playing a little closer to the third film in a trilogy than the second.

Comparing “International Openings” is a difficult thing to do.  The 37 markets which opened this weekend are not the same markets which opened Guardians of the Galaxy in its first weekend.  So, here is how the film has fared, according to Deadline data.  The United Kingdom opened up 86%, Australia 27%, Germany 6%, France 36%, and Mexico 60%.  (Australia’s weekend number is affected by the massive sales earlier in the week for ANZAC Day.)  Even if overall Vol. 2 only raised 30-40% across the board, that means it’s in line for an overall international take of $572-616 million.

The real extent of the film franchise’s growth will not be realized until next week.  Several major players open this upcoming weekend, including the United States, China, South Korea, and Russia, with Japan following thereafter.  Marvel will be looking for a big jump from the previous installment.  Disney has released four straight billion dollar films in May and hasn’t fallen short of that global gross on the first weekend of May window since Thor in 2011.

Have you all in the US already bought your tickets for next weekend?  How was it, international readers?  Also, be wary of the comment section and be polite on spoilers if you’ve seen the film!  

Source:  Deadline