If you found yourself walking out of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at some point this weekend and wondering what exactly was going on with some or all of the 5 mid/post credit scenes you can take comfort in two things: you weren’t alone and we are here for you. While a couple of the scenes were pretty self-explanatory, the other 3 were heavy on comic book lore and all of them could be hinting at some relatively major possibilities for the future. Needless to say, we’ve written this with the idea of only those who have seen the movie and want some explanation reading it so proceed with caution because here there be spoilers…

If you wish to proceed, scroll below and enjoy the show!

Kraglin and the Yaka Arrow


Sean Gunn’s Kraglin has provided some great comedy over the course of the first two movies. Despite speaking up and not actively trying to stop the mutiny against Yondu, he redeemed himself and was the only one to survive Yondu’s vengeance. The film’s climax allowed Kraglin, whose role was much larger this time around, to further build his resume as a hero by helping the Guardians escape Ego as he was destroyed from the inside. As Yondu sacrificed himself saving Peter, Kraglin became the last Ravager from Yondu’s once exiled crew. As a gesture of gratitude, Peter gave Kraglin Yondu’s Yaka arrow which would serve not only as a reminder but give Kraglin a weapon of mass destruction.

The first post-credit scene followed up on the arrow, showing Kraglin, wearing a fin like Yondu’s and attempting to learn just how the whistle-controls work. After a brief struggle, Kraglin finds the right tool to get the arrow going before sending it around a corner and flush into the chest of Drax and hilarity ensued. However, more than the humor it might give us a bit of an idea as to the make up of the Guardians as the head towards Avengers: Infinity War. With Kraglin the lone Ravager from Yondu’s crew still kicking, he doesn’t really have much of a crew to lead. As the film ends, he finds himself in the company of the Guardians with no real direction. Perhaps when we see Kraglin again, he’ll be a part of the crew, but at any rate he is still alive and kicking and ready for a some more work.

The Ravagers Reassemble

This film revealed the Ravagers to be a much more expansive group of intergalactic pirates than what we first imagined. The quick stop on Contraxia revealed that there are “100 factions” of Ravagers and that Yondu and his men are just one, exiled piece of the puzzle. That scene also revealed Stakar (Sylvester Stallone), a legend among the Ravagers, and his right-hand man, Martinex (Michael Rosenbaum) and their cold relationship with Yondu, who betrayed their code when he started pirating children for Ego. Of course, the film went on to totally repaint Yondu’s “abduction” of Quill and, as such, have him die a hero. More importantly, though posthumously, Yondu’s status as a Ravager seemed to be restored and he was given a Ravager funeral by the captains of the other factions. Two of these captains, Charlie-27 and Aleta ( played by Ving Rhames and Michelle Yeoh), were briefly seen before returning post credits.

In that post credit scene, the four mentioned above were joined by a red worm-like being named Krugarr and small robot head named Mainframe (voiced by Miley Cyrus). Without saying so, the group was clearly comfortable under the command of Stakar and were preparing to “go steal some shit” as we were pulled away from their meeting. This scene with this group of beings is among the deepest cut stuff Marvel has put on screen, right there with Howard the Duck if not more obscure. In the comics, the characters that make up Stakar’s crew are from the 31st century and made up, along with Yondu and some others, the original Guardians of the Galaxy. Their adventures began in 1969 and picked back up again in the 90s and  to know they now exist in the MCU, even so thoroughly different from the comic book counterparts, is cause for celebration. Gunn has suggested that we have not seen the last of them and the way things were left it would seem they will certainly have a role to play at some point. Whatever the case, it was amazing for longtime fans to see some great familiar faces from the comics and we will be very eager to see what comes next for the OG Guardians, even if Vance Astro isn’t among them.

The Sovereign’s New Pod

This scene was what fans of the comics have been anticipating (and even thought we’d already seen) since the announcement of a Guardians of the Galaxy film. While stewing in her defeat, High Priestess Ayesha seemingly made a decision to create an even more perfect super being as a tool for vengeance on the Guardians. Seeing the birthing pod was probably enough, but hearing Ayesha’s decision to name him Adam really made it sink it: Adam Warlock now OFFICIALLY exists in the MCU.

We know that James Gunn had written Warlock into a previous draft of the script before ultimately deciding to cut him out entirely and that he intends for him to be used in a “future Cosmic movie” that isn’t Avengers: Infinity War. That leaves the most likely place for him to emerge from the pod as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but there was no nail put in the coffin of Avengers 4. It seems like Warlock would make an excellent antagonist for Vol. 3, but fans of the comics probably have far greater hopes for one of Marvel’s most enigmatic characters.


Teenage Groot

In what was mostly a humorous scene, we see Star-Lord walk into Groot’s room and find it a mess and him playing a video game. Parents of teens around the world likely know the feeling and felt Vin Diesel’s sass both spot on and hilarious. This scene, however, serves a bit of another purpose as well. Given that the film is said to have taken place just a few months after the original (which occurred in 2014) and the next time we see the Guardians will be during Avengers: Infinity War (which will occur in 2018), we can infer that this scene also indicates the passage of time. Now we can only wonder what the Guardians have gotten up to during those 4 years and get ready for a moody, angsty Groot when we see him next.

The Watchers

A continuation of a brief scene from earlier in the movie, the final post-credit scene sees Marvel creator Stan Lee, in a space suit, talking to a trio of large headed aliens who seemingly get annoyed and walk away while Stan tells them he still “has stories to tell!” This scene cashes in on a long-standing fan theory that Lee, who has appeared in all the Marvel Studios’ films, is a member of member of this group of beings. These beings are from an ancient cosmic species known as the Watchers. Watchers are assigned to different sectors of the universe to observe and record the events while forbidden from interfering with them.

In the comics, the Watcher of Earth is a handsome fellow by the name of Uatu. Uatu is a bad rule follower who has frequently broken the Watchers’ rule and speaks far more frequently than he should . The aforementioned fan theory has Lee as Uatu and while this scene in NO WAY confirms that he is, it does confirm that Watchers exist in the MCU and that, in itself, may be monumental on two fronts.

First, Watchers typically only appear to other beings at times of get universal significance, so their appearance now could just be a clever foreshadowing of the upcoming events to be depicted in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War. A second, and far more interesting proposition is that the appearance of the Watchers could symbolize some events of significance in the make up of the MCU. While these matters are not clear and rarely black and white, there is some question as to the ownership of the live action right of the group of beings known as the Watchers. Uatu, the first of the group to appear in the comics, debuted in Fantastic Four #13 and is heavily associated with that team. While the evidence is VERY clear that the live action rights to every character that debuted in a Fantastic Four comic are NOT at Fox (Black Panther and the Inhumans, for instance), it is worth considering if their appearance in an MCU film is a clever foreshadowing of “big events” for the studio. Buzz continues to build in Hollywood about a potential deal between Fox and Marvel Studios for the Fantastic Four and associated characters and until we’re told otherwise, we can always dream; however,another, less exciting but more likely option is also available. While Marvel Studios has the ability to use the Skrulls in a film, the rights to the K’lrt, the Super Skrull, reside at Fox; it’s possible that a similar deal is in place for the Watchers and Uatu. Which would you prefer?

Quite a selection by James Gunn, wouldn’t you say? The guy knows how to build a universe and knows his audience. Those scenes are going to have people talking right up until the payoff! Thanks for checking in and be sure to keep an eye out for our MCU Profile on the 31st Century Guardians and our ideas about what Gunn might have in store for us when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 hits theaters (we’re thinking May 1, 2020!).