While Marvel Studios remains silent on the identity of its 3 2020 films, fans have long believed that the third and final installment of James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy would find its way to May 1, 2020. Gunn, who has always been very active on social media, recently indicated that fans might just be right.

In a recent Facebook post, Gunn thanked fans and gave some insight into just how all-consuming the process of making one of these films can be. In that post, Gunn said “I love you all, and I’ll continue being here with you over the next three years as we create Vol. 3.” While that’s not an official confirmation of the May 2020 date, it’s probably as close as we are going to get until Marvel Studios deems it the appropriate time to spill the beans.

We know Gunn has been working on the script for Vol. 3 already and that it will complete the story of this iteration of the Guardians. Gamora is set up for a larger role in the film, which will likely finally introduce Adam Warlock, who was briefly teased in a post-credit scene. When we last see the team in Vol. 2. they’ve added a couple of potential new members in Mantis and Kraglin, and there’s certainly room for them to grow. We could also see more of Sylvester Stallone’s recently reassembled Ravager team and can fully expect some further explanation of the cosmic corner of the MCU. Given what we’ve seen so far, Gunn is just the guy to continue to develop that corner in Vol. 3 and beyond.