Ever since James Gunn was abruptly fired over a week ago, actors like Dave Bautista have been loudly outspoken about the firing, while others like Chris Pratt have only made vague tweets or non-definitive opinions on the firing. However, today, every cast member for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has posted a signed statement on their social media accounts wishing James Gunn to be rehired and expressing their feelings on the situation.

While this doesn’t mean that James Gunn will be rehired, it’s good to see the cast have solidarity with their co-worker and friend. While every one of them preface that they don’t approve of his inappropriate jokes and tweets, they all agree that he’s grown as a person, that his firing was not justified and cost Disney a lot of money if he sued. read more here on how Gunn could cost disney a fortune.

Source: Instagram