When director James Gunn announced that Ego the Living Planet would, in fact, serve as Peter Quill’s father in the second installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, it led to various questions from even the most reasonable of fans. Questions such as “Wait, planets can reproduce?” or “…but how?”

Gunn cleared any confusion up, though, when confirming actor Kurt Russell would be playing Ego the Living Planet in human form for 2017’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2.

Regardless of trying to make a costume for a planet or a human, Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 costume designer Judianna Makovsky still felt a challenge coming from the production.

“He (Gunn) has a certain sensibility of what he likes and what he doesn’t,” Makovsky said. “That’s a challenge on all these films. You’re taking things from other movies, but your directors have a vision of what they want, and how do you adapt all that to their world? It’s interesting. With these films, you really have to be a team player. It’s never about you.”

Makovsky joined the Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 crew after working on two other Marvel films, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. Makovsky replaced costume designer Alexandra Bryne who’s credited with films such as Doctor Strange, Thor, and both of *The Avengers movies.

“You learn what works and what doesn’t work, and you hold onto the things that were really successful, and you change the things that weren’t,” Makovsky said. “The story changes. They’re in different planets, they’re in different places, they’ve added seven million more characters. You do definitely put your own stamp on it. In that one, we used, I think, four characters’ [designs] that are from the first movie, but then we changed others, we created a new planet.”

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 comes to theaters on May 5th, 2017.

Source: IGN.