In 2014, Marvel launched what was deemed their riskiest property yet. Instead of being a mediocre film or Marvel’s first true flop, Guardians of the Galaxy was the surprise hit of the year and one of their biggest films to date. Thanks to a colorful, fun, and heartfelt movie, Marvel was quick to get a sequel going, announcing it a few days before the film debuted in the States. James Gunn was brought back to direct, along with the majority of the cast.

Those cast members and a few new ones, such as Pom Klementieff and Kurt Russell, were confirmed along with the synopsis back in February, and after months of shooting in Atlanta, the cast and crew are in the midst of wrapping up production on the highly anticipated sequel.

Prior to the entire movie officially wrapping, the cast has slowly been wrapping up their individual work with director James Gunn and posting that information out on social media to share the news. While when they wrap is not exactly an indication of how prominent their role is or if they are there at the end, we have compiled the posts into one single article so you can see what each of them had to say.

While it’s great to see that, what really has us excited is that James Gunn has confirmed that he will be at San Diego Comic-Con next month along with members of the film’s cast, and the first official teaser. Whether or not that teaser will see a public release next month, we don’t know, but we can certainly hope!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is scheduled to hit theaters May 5, 2017.