Just after the news that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 would not resume production until 2012 with the production title “Hot Christmas”. It is still quite an odd move to postpone such a vital film’s production for another three years but it could also just be their way of trying to keep their schedules open in case they cannot find a suitable director to take over until then. Still, it seems like a shortlist has finally leaked online on what directors might potentially take over the production. SuperBroMovies got the scoop that the production company is currently scouting for female directors to take over the production.

This list includes Mudbound director Dee Rees, who has worked on a variety of projects and is currently in post-production for the film The Last Thing He Wanted. She has openly voiced her love for Black Panther so this might be her jumping on point into joining the Marvel Studios family. TV director Michelle McLaren, who was attached to Chris Pratt‘s Cowboy Ninja Viking film and has directed episodes from acclaimed shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Westworld.

S.J. Clarkson is also on the list, who has already some experience working for Marvel as she directed a few episodes of Jessica Jones. She also is signed up for Star Trek 4 so she could be a perfect choice to take over Marvel Studios’ space opera franchise. She is also joined by Jane Champion, who is well known for her work as director of The Piano.

They certainly have an extensive list of talented directors on their hand. Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige has said that we can expect many more female directors in the future so this fits a major step into that direction. The whole James Gunn fiasco came at a terrible time and cost the company one of their most prominent directors. Hopefully, they will still stick to his script and have him involved in some capacity. It really seems like they are taking their time with this as the Guardians are one of their most lucrative and unique franchises. It almost seemed like they were going to use this franchise in a similar way to the AvengersGunn was going to use this film to splinter off into various projects, such as rumors that the film would introduce the Eternals, who already have a director and may begin production long before Guardians 3 returns. It will be interesting to see if they push the production date forward as soon as they found a director to replace Gunn.

What are your thoughts? Who would be your pick to take over the Guardians franchise?

 Source: SuperBroMovies, Indiewire

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