Well, this came out of nowhere. Looks like Marvel Studios is fast-tracking a lot of their post-Phase 3 films and are trying to fill the void left by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. The production company is trying to give new properties a chance as some of their most famous characters will potentially leave the MCU as of Avengers 4. Chris Evans contract will end with the final battle against Thanos so Marvel Studios is trying to fill the void. Carol Danvers will take over as the MCU’s captain and will have her premiere in 2019. Looks like she won’t be the only one to carry over the mantle of captain. According to Ain’t It Cool News, Marvel Studios seems to be planning a Captain Britain and the Black Knight film.

Looks like Marvel Studios is trying to expand beyond the U.S.-dominated superhero market. There is a chance that a large part of Black Widow will take place in Europe and Russia thanks to her heritage and now a British hero may be joining the franchise. It even seems like they are eyeing Guy Ritchie to direct the film, who is currently busy directing 2019’s Aladdin. Their source points to the film trying to fill the void of the latest James Bond film that is on hold after director Danny Boyle left the project. It would point to it being a spy-thriller film with some magical elements, which means we could even see Union Jack make an appearance. Brian Braddock was chosen by Merlyn and took on the mantle of Captain Britain. Black Knight was once a man named Dane Whiteman who wields the cursed Ebony Blade. Would be interesting to tie in their origins together and explore a modern take of these characters. It is just a rumor so we have to take it with a grain of salt but it would certainly be an interesting addition to the ever-expanding MCU.

Would you want to watch a Captain Britain and the Black Knight?

Source: Ain’t It Cool via ComicBookMovies.com

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