One character was so glaringly missing from Captain America: Civil War, that it became a minor plot point. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) was definitely feeling the absence of his right-hand lady, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow). Leading up to Civil War, there were rumors that Paltrow would be appearing, but none of those panned out.

Now, Paltrow admits that she doesn’t really remember when she’s supposed to return to the MCU. In fact, it looks like she wouldn’t care if she never returns to the MCU, because she isn’t enjoying being an actress. In an interview with ET, it seems that she isn’t even keeping up with what she’s scheduled to film.

In addition to speaking openly about the men in her life, Paltrow also admits that she’s sort of over acting. “I don’t think I like it anymore,” the Oscar winner confides, adding that she’s not even sure what Marvel movies she’s contracted to appear in as her Pepper Potts character. “I think it’s Avengers or Captain America, one of those,” she quips.

If Paltrow’s next appearance is slated to be in the “Avengers,” as she sort-of remembers, then we could see her in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, which begins filming in February. There are no known Captain America movies left on the slate, but it’s possible that there were negotiations for her to be a part of Civil War, and that’s what she remembers, or she is misremembering.

Infinity War is slated to have many returning characters from all corners of the (feature film side of the) MCU, so it is very likely that this is where we could see Miss Potts again. Is that where you hope to see her very reluctant return? Let us know, in the comments!

Source: ET