The massive cast of Avengers 4 has assembled in Atlanta over the past few weeks as production rolls on and we’ve been teased here and there by those lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the filming such as this one from Atlanta Filming:

Of course at the time, we had no idea what he meant but today, thanks to several set photos from Atlanta via one of them Russian social media sites, it all makes sense. It seems that Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye won’t only be sporting a new hairdo in Avengers 4, but also some new ink as well:

Readers may remember last month’s scoop about the changes to Hawkeye in Avengers 4 and while we can’t confirm anything, we have to imagine that the new tattoos are going to have a little back story and we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s connected to the events that befall the Avenging Archer that help turn him down a darker road. With so little known about the film, we’re happy taking whatever we can get at this point.

What do you make of Hawkeye’s tattoos? Anything symbolic in them that you recognize?


Avengers 4 will hit theaters May 3, 2019.