The Hawkeye cast just got some heavy hitters. Variety has reported that Conjuring star Vera Farmiga, Better Call Saul big bad Tony Dalton, Les Miserables star Fra Fee*, Fargo star **Zach McClarnon, and newcomer Alaqua Cox has joined the show’s ensemble cast. Farmiga will reportedly play Kate Bishop’s mother Eleanor Bishop while Dalton has been cast as Hawkeye’s infamous mentor Swordsman. Cox is confirmed to be playing Maya Lopez aka Echo with McClarnon playing her father. Fee is also set to play Kazi, the villainous Clown in Matt Fraction‘s comic run. Also, they finally confirmed Florence Pugh in the cast too.

There’s really a lot to take in so I’ll start with the obvious standouts for me. Better Call Saul is probably one of the best crime shows I’ve seen, surpassing Breaking Bad in my book and Tony Dalton is instrumental in elevating that show to new heights every season. So him playing Swordsman is more than I could have asked for. Farmiga as Kate’s mom is great. I’ve seen some people speculate that she could end up playing Madame Masque which could definitely work to streamline the storyline with her parents. Can’t say much for the rest except for McClarnon who was amazing on Westworld and Fargo but it’s exciting to see the show have its full cast.

Source: Variety