The other day, we learned that our very own Hawkeye would be getting his own show on Disney+, starring Jeremy Renner himself. Hawkeye hasn’t been seen since his appearance in Captain America: Civil War, and we know we’re getting a whole lot of Clint Barton as Ronin in Avengers: Endgame. So what does that mean for the upcoming series? The only information we have on the plot of the show is that it will be an adventure with Clint Barton training Kate Bishop. So there’s Clint, Kate, and adventure. There is no mention of when it will happen, where, or how. We have a few ideas on how it could come together.

The main thing to figure out is at what point in the MCU will this show be set. We know Clint has been Hawkeye for years and that he was still wearing the mantle as far as the end of Civil War. Given the inclusion of Kate Bishop and the passing of the Hawkeye mantle, that makes unlikely for the series to be set before the events of Civil War. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t see flashbacks of Kate Bishop’s life before she met Clint, and seeing her as a child witnessing the Avengers fighting could be a nice way to introduce her admiration (or despise, who knows) for the superhero life.

That being said, there are two possibilities for the setting. The first one is that the show will be set after the events of Endgame and that we will see the master and apprentice relationship unfold after whatever it is that happens to Clint Barton in the movie. Maybe he retires to spend more time with his family after they get revived and decides to find a protege when he realizes that the world needs someone like him. Maybe he remains as Ronin, a lone wolf, and trains her to fulfill his role with the Avengers. After all, Clint has taken on several mantles in the comics.

Another possibility of setting is pre-Endgame. There is quite a large period of Clint’s life that we know very little of. After the events of Civil War, Scott Lang and he were put on house arrest and considering that Scott was (technically) still in house arrest during Ant-Man and The Wasp, which is set during the events of Infinity War, the case would be the same for Clint. That means he had a lot of free time to take care of his family and – well, why not? – train someone to eventually take on the mantle of Hawkeye. Maybe Kate Bishop took the role herself since the original Hawkeye could no longer play the part, and that’s why he is Ronin when Endgame begins. The title of Hawkeye belonged to someone else.

It could also be that Clint’s family were dusted with The Snappening, which prompts him to lead a new, lonely superhero life. Maybe at some point in his journey as Ronin, he meets a young Kate Bishop who happens to have lost her fami and train her during however much time it passes until he is called to join the Avengers again. We know Black Widow’s hair goes from short and blonde to long and red during the film, so there’s a giant chance we’ll see a time jump during it. That would give Marvel an amazing chance to further explore the world after the tragedy at the end of Infinity War, even if it will have already been reverted in the movies.

There’s even a crazy theory that suggests the original six Avengers will form the Infinity Watch, and each will guard an infinity stone in some corner of the universe. While there’s no way this would happen in Feige’s sane mind, wouldn’t it be crazy to see a Hawkeye series on a cosmic scale? Any of these post-Endgame possibilities would give Marvel a nice chance to explore whatever the universe will look like after the events of the film.

Whatever it turns out to be, it will be an awesome ride to see Hawkeye finally get his own thing. Of the original six, Thor, Cap, Iron Man and Hulk have their own films, and Black Widow is getting hers next year. It’s good to know Clint will get his spotlight as well.

We should know more about the show in the coming months, and Avengers: Endgame is going to give us a pretty good insight into what’s next for Clint Barton when it hits theaters April 26th.