Phase 4 underwent a massive shift this past week when it was announced that all films starting from Black Widow would be pushed back due to the worldwide pandemic currently happening. Now, the big question is if the Disney+ are now going to be starting off point for Phase 4. Last we heard, Falcon and the Winter Soldier was slated for August and Wandavision for December. Today, thanks to a press release from Disney+ France, we also have an idea when the rest of the shows are going to air.

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A couple of weeks ago, there was supposed to be a big Disney+ presentation in the UK. It was unfortunately canceled in light of the growing pandemic back then. It is not clear if this press release was written months prior or in conjunction with this week’s big Phase 4 announcement. Sam Wilson’s debut as Captain America may be set for August but the show hasn’t even managed to complete filming yet. And generally speaking, there’s usually a specific order to how these stories are sequenced. Black Widow was the first Phase 4 property to come out for a reason and so on and so forth. Just like the films, these Disney+ dates could be also be moved in light of the pressing pandemic concerns.

Source: MCU Cosmic