There were rumblings in the past weeks that the Hawkeye Disney+ series was delayed indefinitely., much to the chagrin of fans who wanted to see Kate Bishop sooner rather than later. The good news is that the show will now resume production, as a new report from Charles Murphy is revealing that Marvel Studios is moving forward with the production this September.

While the production is several months from now, Murphy revealed that the September 2020 production date for Hawkeye is within the target start date but he also explained that Marvel Studios is open to slide down the production even further. This will be largely dependent on the casting talks for the role of Kate Bishop which is earlier rumored to be Hailee Steinfeld. In addition, the production for the Jeremy Renner-led Hawkeye series will reportedly be set during the production of other Disney+ shows such as Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight.

Not much is known about the series aside from the fact that it will revolve with Clint Barton passing over the torch to another Hawkeye in the form of young Kate Bishop as well as revealing the famed Avenger’s backstory. In the past week, another rumor surfaced that Clint’s brother, Trickshot, will be making an appearance in the series and it remains to be seen if this is true. Whatever the case may be, we can all agree that the MCU is finally going to give a deep dive into the life of Hawkeye and his legacy.


Source: Murphy’s Multiverse