In our never-ending pursuit for validation among sites of our kind, we here at MCUExchange have run the risk of getting crapped on by putting out so-called scoops and exclusives. Often times we miss the shot (we’re no newbies to screwing up) but in the few times we actually nail it, we make it a point to relish in it. Just take a look at what happened earlier today. A new photo from the set of Avengers 4 just confirmed what we’ve been saying about Hawkeye for some time now and yeah, the MCUEx team is feeling hella good about it. The proof:

Take a look at his knees! Gold armored inlays?! That’s a Ronin costume under that cloak! We’ve been seeing bits and pieces here and there regarding Clint Barton’s dramatic transformation but this is the most solid piece of evidence yet. We originally stated in our exclusive story that something major and tragic happens to Clint Barton in the film which triggers this identity change but that remains to be seen as of now. But if this image is any indication of our story’s legitimacy then we can expect crazy things for Clint in Avengers 4.

You know where you heard Ronin first, folks!

Source: Twitter