Our lord and savior Kevin Feige recently spoke at a producer panel over the weekend where he revealed a bunch of things about his life behind the camera and the future of the MCU beyond Avengers 4. One of the things he alluded to were MCU projects featuring different incarnations of heroes we’ve grown to love i.e. the inevitable change comic readers are familiar with. According to MCU Cosmic, one of the projects being considered is a Hawkeye solo film.

But what I was told was that Marvel has ideas for a couple of different characters to do some kind of solo film in the future. One of these characters was Hawkeye. And Kevin Feige’s comments of “different incarnations of characters” coincides with what I was told about Hawkeye as Clint isn’t the only person to go by that mantle in the comics. I won’t say anymore because, again, it’s not something that is likely to happen for a long time if at all, but it’s definitely something that is on Marvel Studios’ radar.

Now you can imagine that most recognizable MCU characters, if not all, have probably been considered for solo outings at this point. However, the interesting possibility with a Hawkeye solo outing is that it could feature Kate Bishop, a fan favorite character from the comics who dons the Hawkeye identity and has Clint has her mentor. This is a fantastic idea. One that I’d much prefer over a Hawkeye film with Clint Barton as the main focus. Having Clint as the ancillary character ala Tony Stark in Spider-Man: Homecoming is the way to go should this project ever come to fruition.

Source: MCU Cosmic