Avengers Endgame wrapped up the heroic arcs of the six original Avengers. One notable arc that we saw took a satisfying end was the story of Captain America and Peggy Carter. However, fans can dive in to that story once more as one of the episodes from the animated What If? series in Disney+ will revolve around the two characters in an exciting fashion. It has been confirmed in D23 last month that a Captain America: First Avenger-inspired episode will see Peggy taking the super soldier serum instead of the kid from Brooklyn, Steve Rogers.

During an interview with Extra Butter at the D23 Expo, Hayley Atwell, who plays Agent Carter,  shared that the What If? series is set to explore “consequences” if a crucial point or decision is changed during the course of the movies. Atwell described that we are going to see a “different light” for her character during the episode.  She then praised the aesthetic of the first animated MCU series.

It’s a beautiful aesthetic, what they’ve done, and they’ve matched a lot of my vocal performance to then creating the animation. So you see a lot of her emotional reactions in the animation. So it doesn’t feel like it’s too kind of unrealistic or too cartoony, it just feels like it’s a beautiful tone that they’ve found with her.

Atwell will play Agent Carter for the ninth time in the MCU and she seems to be enjoying in portraying the part.

She’s someone who, I love playing her because I think she has a very strong sense of self and that she’s unshakable in her, kind of her moral compass, and her own integrity. And that’s something I think she shares with Steve, before Steve had become Captain America. That’s the thing that connects them.

Fans can get to see Captain Carter and all other alternate storylines when What If? premiers sometime in the summer of 2021.


Source: Youtube: Extra Butter