Four weeks from today, Agent Carter will be returning for its second season. The season will feature Peggy and friends heading to Los Angeles. Oddly enough, making the move from New York to LA will not make Peggy’s life any less hectic.

With so many faces both familiar and new returning, we made a preview for all the season 2 characters. During the upcoming season, Peggy will come across enemies from season 1 along with some new ones.

During a recent interview with Assembly of Geeks, Hayley Atwell was asked about a few of the villains in season 2. It sounds like this time around, Peggy will be going head to head with not one, but two female villains.

What is fantastic is, in this season, there’s two very important figures in the show and they’re both women. We have Wynn Everett playing Whitney Frost and we have Bridget Regan playing Dottie Underwood, and what’s great about it is in every sense they are equal to Peggy, if not superior. We have Whitney Frost who is loosely based on Hedy Lamarr, who we know is a genius mathematician and contributed to the wifi we have now, and then we have someone like Dottie Underwood who is the trained Black Widow, a trained assassin. Two exceptionally brilliant women who can play off Peggy. She’s not as physically able as Dottie and she’s not as intellectually or academically bright as Whitney Frost, but yet she’s having to find her way to battle them.

With some of Peggy’s past following her to LA, she will be leaving some stuff behind. She ended season 1 by dumping the last remaining case of Steve Roger’s blood in the river, which symbolized her moving on. This act has opened up a new side to Peggy.

Peggy in herself is in a much lighter place. She’s secure within her job. She has her friendship firmly rooted with Jarvis. She let go of Steve. So she’s open to new possibilities and that also means her heart is slightly open. She’s less protective of herself.

Seeing the relationship between Jarvis and Peggy develop further in season 2 is something I am very much looking forward to. The prospect of love most likely will come with either Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) or Jason Wilkes (Reggie Austin). Thankfully we will start to know more about the season as it approaches and we get synopsis’, stills, and more.

Agent Carter returns for season 2 January 19th at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

Source: Assembly of Geeks.