It’s been a couple of weeks since ABC officially announced that Agent Carter would not go on to a third season, and we’re still disappointed at that. However, since then, fans of the show have been making their desire for the show continue loud and clear, even launching a petition for Netflix to pick up the series.

Recently the star of the show, Hayley Atwell, attended a panel at MegaCon in Florida and was asked several questions regarding the show’s future. While the panel wasn’t recorded for us all to watch, Twitter user @agent_aurelie was in attendance and was able to tweet out some of the most important answers that Atwell gave.

The biggest takeaways from everything is that yes, Hayley would be willing to continue the show on Netflix despite her busy schedule. In case you missed it, ABC did cast Atwell for the lead role in the upcoming series Conviction, so it would of course be tough for the actress to continue with Agent Carter.

However, as ABC Studios would still more than likely continue to produce Agent Carter should it change networks, given that they produce the Marvel Netflix shows currently exclusive to the platform. So it is entirely possible that both parties could work something out should Agent Carter find a new home with Netflix.

Via: Hitflix