Agent Carter‘s second season kicked off with a two-hour premiere on ABC last week to, unfortunately, less than stellar ratings. Still, for fans of the character and the first season of Agent Carter, seeing the show return for a second season – one that was once in question – is exciting, especially considering the lighter, more comicy route they’ve chosen to go this season. And with fan-favorite Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) set to return for tomorrow night’s episode, titled “Better Angels”, it’s sure to shake things up for Peggy (Hayley Atwell).

Both TV Line and Comic Book Resources had a chance to recently speak with Atwell concerning the second season, including what her original hopes were going into season two, and what is still ahead for Peggy.

For Atwell, after the first season, she had an idea of what she wanted to happen in a second season. “More humor and romance, and maybe a glimpse into Peggy’s childhood.” All things that fans could surely agree with, especially the glimpse into Peggy’s childhood – something we’ll get a better look at in the fourth episode of season two, titled “Smoke and Mirrors”. She also talked about how the changing of the setting allowed for nice change – not just for the show, but for Peggy.

We established the tone in Season 1, we established the key characters, we’d gotten Peggy to a point with that final line, “I know my value,” and she was able to move on from the grief of losing Steve — and in the meantime made a couple of new friends. So I think the second season, setting it in L.A., is brilliant because it gives us this total kind of change in color and brightness, that this is a woman who is no longer in mourning. And then we see all the friendships coming back, her and Howard, her and Jarvis in particular, and that’s really where a lot of the comedy lies.

One of the highlights of Agent Carter is the relationship between Peggy and Jarvis (James D’Arcy). Over the course of the first season, we saw their relationship develop from a necessity to a friendship, and going into the second season, we only saw their relationship grow even stronger. According to Atwell, it’s Jarvis’ “great charm” and “integrity” that allow for their friendship to grow into something more than necessity.

In Season 1 Peggy was slightly reluctant to use Jarvis. He was a pain in the ass, the middleman between her and Howard, so she felt like she “had to” keep him close. He was a bit interfering, a bit of an idiot, a bit of a babbling buffoon and completely incapable of getting any of the jobs done. But he was willing, and there’s sweetness in that, an affection. He’s got great charm and integrity and he’s really there for her. It’s a friendship that becomes more important in Season 2, both professionally and personally. You see Ana Jarvis (Outlander’s Lotte Verbeek) and how strong that marriage is, how that really is the rock that ties Jarvis to any purpose he has in life. That evolves very beautifully, and it also becomes a very important part of the mission. It all gets entwined.

This season, Peggy finds a love interest in Reggie Austin‘s Dr. Jason Wilkes, a character that, unfortunately, found himself face to face with the zero matter at the end of episode two. While we don’t know exactly what happened, and what it’ll do to Wilkes, we know for sure that he’ll return for tomorrow night’s episode. So, naturally, TV Line had to try to get some hints out of Atwell regarding Wilkes’ return tomorrow night, and whether he’d still be the same character we’ve met in the first two episodes of season two.

Uhhh, yeah, I think that’s really safe to say. There will now be a physical barrier between her getting to get near him. And once again, she’s put this person that she cares about in the firing line, so she’s going to have a lot of guilt… feeling like it’s all her fault that he’s in this situation that he finds himself in. So yeah, a bit of drama!

Going into the second season, we knew that Whitney Frost, a.k.a Madame Masque, would portray the big bad in season two. And with only ten episodes in its second season, most assumed we would have seen a bit more interaction between Peggy and Whitney by the end of the second episode. According to Atwell, however, their dynamic changes “slowly throughout the season”.

It happens slowly throughout the season, that Peggy is shocked by her and almost has a kind of respect for how much of a genius Whitney Frost is, and how scheming and calculating she is. She’s ultimately a villain hiding in broad daylight under the persona of a movie star. It’s a work of genius. You have the whole world focusing on how beautiful and talented she is as this movie star, so they can’t see who she really is, which is an insane, evil, narcissistic villain. It takes someone who’s not interested in the trappings and the seduction of the glitz and the glamour of the Hollywood fame scene to even see there’s something else going on behind the scenes with this woman. Peggy is in awe of her in some respect, because Whitney pulls it off as much as she can. But good ol’ Peggy can see through it.

But as evident by the opening scene of the first episode, Whitney Frost isn’t Peggy’s only issue this season as Dottie returns to stir things up.

Ohhh, no. That’s really, really fun. You can see how Bridget [Regan] is trained as a dancer, because she’s got that discipline which she brings to her work. Every line is almost choreographed. She’s always incredibly well prepared, so I always know I’m going to enjoy the scenes with her because she has a laser sharp focus, and that’s what she brings to Dottie — this almost manic determination.

You can read both interviews in their entirety by heading to the sources below.

Agent Carter airs Tuesday nights on ABC. Be sure to tune in!

Sources: TV Line and Comic Book Resources.