If you’re a Marvel fan, you’ll probably want to pick up a copy of the latest issue of Total Film – whether it be in print or digitally – as it is full of a bunch of fun bits. There’s a short article on Spider-Man returning to the MCU and where Phase Three is headed. There’s another article focusing on A.K.A. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage (although the quotes from those articles appear to be recyled from older interviews). And then there’s an interview with Hayley Atwell, in which she talks about Cinderella (in which she plays Cinderella’s mother) and more importantly, Agent Carter.

The interviewer starts off by asking her if she’s in Ant-Man, to which Atwell responds with an evasive answer. “I don’t know yet! I have no idea!” As you’ll recall, a casting notice for Ant-Man from November of last year called for a body double for Atwell. There has yet to be any sort of official confirmation regarding her involvement, but it seems pretty concrete as it’s something that Atwell has not denied, and she has mentioned in the past that Agent Carter not only ties in with Captain America, but also Ant-Man.

While she didn’t give a definite answer regarding Ant-Man, Atwell did talk about Agent Carter. “It was a part that I loved and people that I’d worked with before that I really wanted to work with again. So it was a waiting game. I feel like now that it’s done, everything has paid off. It’s all – thank god! – worked out the way I would’ve loved it too.”

She also talked about why Peggy Carter was a perfect character to expand upon. “It was the right chemistry between myself and Marvel that they just went, ‘I think she has a life now. Organically, we can make her grow and go to other places.’”

The best part of the interview, at least to me, is to read about how enthusiastic Atwell and the others are to get to work on a second season if ABC were to give it the greenlight. “Creatively, there are so many interesting ideas about where Peggy could go, and what country she could be in and what time-frame it is.”

You can read the full interview – and you should, because Hayley Atwell is lovely – by picking up the latest copy of Total Film.

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Source: My copy of Total Film.