With Ant-Man having already premiered, and with more screenings on the way for thousands of fans and critics to see early, it’s safe to say that Marvel’s latest effort is just around the corner now – and to reflect just how close the movie is, Marvel have released a slew of new promotional clips and images for the movie.

First up, there’s a collection of four new short-but-sweet TV spots, including the usual mix of old and new footage, including new clips of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) controlling his army of ants and Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) continuing to gloat about his superiority over Scott (we’ll see how that works out for him).

There’s also a brand new clip from the movie, depicting Scott Lang’s mildly embarrassing attempts to fit through a keyhole during his training:

Marvel have also released a featurette introducing the viewers to the character of Ant-Man and his powers, featuring comments from Kevin Feige, plus actors Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and Evangelline Lilly. There’s also a few new snippets of footage showing Ant-Man battling some goons at Pym Technologies:

As if that wasn’t enough, the official Ant-Man Twitter account has also released six awesome new stylised posters for Ant-Man – one of which will be included with a ticket for a 3D screening at AMC Theaters. You can vote on Twitter now for the poster that will be included, using the hashtags featured on the Twitter account, which you can see here.

Ant-Man hits theaters in just over two weeks, on July 17.

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