Hidden Figures dominated the big screen. A movie about female African-American mathematicians in NASA, the film won a SAG award and is nominated for an Oscar and was written and directed by former Marvel Studios directorial candidate, Theodore Melfi.

Melfi was originally set to direct Spider-Man: Homecoming, a job that got passed along to Jon Watts. It all worked out for Melfi, as his film Hidden Figures is garnering acclaim from the most prestigious of awarding bodies. Sitting down for an interview with the 4 Quadrant Podcast, Melfi explained that he would still really love to be a part of a Marvel movie.

I think so, I hope so. I’ve had conversations with them since then. Marvel’s a great company, I mean they do great work and they make action movies that are pretty damn fantastic. So yeah, it would just have to be the right kind of character that I can kind of find a human story inside.

The MCU is growing and each movie needs its own unique director to set the tone of the story they’re telling. Having Melfi on board would mean having another great player join the likes of the Russo Brothers, James Gunn, Jon Favreau among others. As of right now, Captain Marvel is the only announced upcoming film that does not have a director but other than that, Melfi could be in talks with Marvel about for a future project. Perhaps even the Spider-Man sequel?

Source: 4 Quadrant Pocast via ScreenRant