Who knows what to make of this one! When Marvel and Sony managed to reach an agreement to produce another MCU-set Spider-Man movie earlier this year – after a brief and messy divorce – one of their new terms involved the character being able to appear in Sony’s own Marvel movies, such as Venom. And it looks like the studio are wasting no time to ensure that happens!

According to a new report from Geeks WorldWide, Spider-Man star Tom Holland is in talks to cameo as the webslinger in Sony’s upcoming Venom 2. No details on what the cameo would entail, or how it would fit with… well, anything, but if such a cameo pans out, this is a pretty big deal. It’s also sure to be divisive news – if Holland were to cameo in the film, it could potentially mean that Venom – and the other upcoming Sony Marvel movies, such as Morbius – would become a part of the MCU, and that’s bound not to sit well with some fans.

Of course, it’s worth noting that the site says these are early talks – so such a cameo might not even happen. And if it does, there’s no guarantee that Holland would be playing the MCU version of Spidey – though I can’t imagine having the same actor playing two different versions of the hero in two different universes, at the same time, would go over too well.

Personally, while I wasn’t the biggest fan of Venom, I think the film had potential, a strong cast and a fun central performance from Tom Hardy – so I wouldn’t be too upset if Sony took their chance to push the character into the MCU, particularly if such a move would be limited to cameos and the like. Either way, take this with a grain of salt for now, and remember a lot can change between now and Venom 2‘s October 2020 release.

Source: Geeks WorldWide