This week we have Caleb, Rhiannon, and special guest Jeremiah on the podcast, talking about the latest news, trailers, and reviewing the final section of Iron Fist. As usual, the podcast is full spoilers for everything in the MCU that has been released thus far. We also spend a little time at the end asking Jeremiah a few questions about various MCU questions and his opinion of what is going on right now in the universe. Buckle up for another journey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the MCUExchange Podcast!

Time Stamps:



2:06-Is Hawkeye going to be in Ant-Man and the Wasp?

6:38-What should Aaron Sorkin do in the MCU?

11:10-Amy Pascal Confuses Everyone about Spider-Man’s MCU Future

18:35-Shuri is in Black Panther


21:20-Spider-Man:Homecoming Trailer-Was it Spoilery?

31:20-Michael Keaton as the Vulture


35:12-Iron Fist Episodes 7-13 Review

57:40-Looking ahead to The Defenders

1:07:32-THREE QUESTIONS WITH JEREMIAH-Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nova, and Thor: Ragnarok

1:16:00-Mailbag and Goodbye