We don’t usually do toy coverage on this site but for this one, we’re making an exception. Hot Toys just revealed a part of their Avengers: Endgame slate of ultra-realistic toys with Iron Man and Thanos. Iron Man, as some of you may know, was reportedly being given his classic Silver Age-era theme several months back and we haven’t been able to see it truly up close until now. Check it out!

As you can see, the suit retains some of the Mark 50’s bells and whistles like those nanotech repulsor appendages sticking out his back. Having survived Thanos hurling a moon at him and a personal beating, Tony likely designed this suit to further withstand Thanos in combat. As for the paint job, it looks unsurprisingly amazing. There’s something bittersweet in seeing the cinematic version of Iron Man don the look Stan Lee and Jack Kirby intended him to have in what may be Robert Downey Jr.‘s final outing as the character.

Source: Hot Toys