Some of the staffers here at MCUExchange have an affinity for them Marvel action figures. We have a dedicated chat channel where my co-writers post their Marvel Legends hauls and compare each other’s collections. Some of us at MCUExchange though, do not care for this childish endeavor of collecting action figures (says the guy writing for a website dedicated to Iron Man and his friends). What we do care for are these super expensive premium figures called Hot Toys and the Hong Kong-based company just released a teaser of their Spider-Man: Homecoming 1/6th scale figure, so you can imagine the meltdown we’re having right now. Check it out in all it’s JJ Abrams lens-flare glory:


That’s the Homecoming suit in full detail all right. The best thing about these toys is the level of detail put into them. You can expect this figure to come with an interchangeable Tom Holland that was molded from Tom’s actual decapitated head. No word on whether the web-pits will be featured on this scale figure but knowing Hot Toys’ penchant for releasing varying figures, they probably won’t. But it’s Hot Toys so what are you gonna do?

Source: Hot Toys