Over the course of the past few years, Marvel has managed to build a rather impressive slate of television shows that all connect to the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. While their initial effort, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which airs Tuesdays on ABC, is often viewed as the weakest link (something with which I don’t agree), their Netflix properties have proven to be critical darlings – especially Jessica Jones, which not only earned a Peabody Award, but also an Emmy for the show’s opening credits. Needless to say, given the response to these shows, it wasn’t entirely surprising when Netflix decided to give multiple season orders to both Daredevil and Jessica Jones, while also adding an additional series to their Marvel line-up with 2017’s The Punisher. But is there the possibility of even more Marvel properties making their way to the streaming service?

A new report, courtesy of TechCrunch, looks at the rumors surrounding Disney and Netflix, two entertainment behemoths that could soon enough be coming together to create the envy of Hollywood. Disney, which as you’re all aware, owns Marvel Studios, as well as Pixar Animation, and Lucasfilm Ltd. Needless to say, they already have a rather envious list of companies to their name, and yet, the addition of a streaming service such as Netflix could prove to be an even bigger for the studio – but even more so? It’d prove to be a HUGE get for Netflix.

In one fell swoop, Netflix-land would give Disney an undeniable and daunting lead in the OTT video game that signals to the world that it is here to play in the brave new digital world.  Disney’s content library — the envy of the world — would be tough for any competitor (no matter what size) to beat if featured exclusively on a Disney-owned Netflix service.

And, Disney’s global multi-platform marketing machine is second to none and holds the unique power to promote Netflix’s already near-ubiquitous brand in a borderless world.  In Disney’s hands, Netflix also would demonstrate to both investors and the Street that Disney has the tech-driven DNA necessary to drive the machine and succeed in our new Media 2.0 world.  Enter Reed Hastings, the Mouse House’s new big cheese.

Yes, Hastings founded Netflix in the tech world of Silicon Valley.  But, let’s not forget that Netflix is no stranger to premium content and the creative process anymore.  It’s Reed Hastings who increasingly holds the Emmys on awards night for Netflix’s own original premium programming slate.  Data-driven Netflix is now very much a leading Hollywood player with whom A-list creative talent likes to work.

If you’ll recall, Netflix and Disney struck an exclusive agreement last year that’ll allow the streaming service streaming rights to their films, including the highly coveted MCU films. That deal officially goes into effect this year, with Zootopia already making its way onto the service and The Jungle Book set to debut on November 30th. If Disney, which seems to continually build on its box office presence year after year, were to buy Netflix and possibly bring in someone like Hastings, it’d open up a whole new realm for them. The fact of the matter is that, yes, while it’d be a HUGE benefit business-wise, it’d also potentially allow for more Marvel properties to be developed. One other benefit? This could very well lead to more interaction between the Netflix shows and the films, something fans have been begging for ever since Daredevil debuted back in 2015.