One of the biggest hopes fans had for the longest time was the idea of seeing Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine share the screen alongside the likes of Robert Downey Jr.‘s Iron Man or Chris Evans‘s Captain America. And then came news that Disney was on track to purchasing much of 21st Century Fox’s assets. To fans, these hopes suddenly turned into likely possibilities. Or so it seemed. Like a fleeting glance, this no longer is the case according to the actor, who spoke to Collider about it.

It’s interesting because for the whole 17 years I kept thinking that would be so great, like I would love to see, particularly, Iron Man and the Hulk and Wolverine together. And every time I saw an Avengers movie I could just see Wolverine in the middle of all of them like punching them all on the head. But it was like, “Oh well, that’s not gonna happen,” and it was interesting just when I first saw that headline — it was just the possibility of it and who knows what’s gonna happen, obviously — I was like, “Hang on!” But I think, unfortunately, the ship has sailed for me, but for someone else I would like to see Wolverine in there.

There’s something bittersweet about Hugh bowing out of the prospect when it’s so close to finally coming true. Jackman has stated on record many times before: if the 2 Marvel worlds could have collided before, he would have held from retiring the character. But with Logan ending on such a high and powerful note, I can’t really blame the guy for not wanting to undo his swansong. Mad props to the guy for wanting to preserve his legacy as it is. I’m in the small camp of MCU fans who want nothing to do with the current incarnation of X-Men characters on screen. Like Jackman, I’m all for seeing fresh faces for the X-Men in the MCU.

Source: Collider