Just a couple of years ago, Marvel fans would have never believed that we would be seeing an Avengers/X-men team up, but those dreams are now a reality. Thanks to the unprecedented business deal between Disney and 2oth Century Fox, all of our favorite characters will soon be thrown into the same sandbox. Spiderman hanging out with Deadpool…the Fantastic Four meeting Tony Stark…Professor X speaking with Doctor Strange…the list goes on and on. Ever since the deal was made public, fans have been clamoring for more information on what will happen next. Now, recent comments have shed light on the possibility of seeing Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine bust out the claws one more time…

In a recent appearance at Ace Comic-Con, actor Sebastian Stan shared a panel with his Avengers: Infinity War co-stars Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans and alluded to a conversation he had with Jackman about his return:

Recently I happened to be sitting next to Hugh Jackman. I didn’t know what other awkward thing I could talk about but to be like, ‘Am I going to see you soon?’ He said a couple of things to me and I’ll just leave it at that. Otherwise, I feel like I’m going to get into trouble with somebody. I asked him though because I kept thinking whether or not Logan was supposed to be the last Wolverine thing or whatever and he said to me he’s been thinking about it and it’s been on his mind. So, I don’t know, he may be.

Now, this is far from a confirmation that Hugh Jackman will be coming back as everyone’s favorite mutant, but it is interesting. Not that long ago, the actor shot down the notion of his return after his critically acclaimed sendoff in 2017’s Logan. Has he had a change of heart? While we would all love to see Jackman again in the role, its hard to argue against Logan being a perfect farewell for his character. The film was widely regarded as a cinematic achievement, and if you bring him back you run the risk of negating its effect. Where would they go with the character after that?

While we wait for the ink to dry on the Marvel/Fox deal, we still aren’t sure how the X-Men will be incorporated into the Marvel Universe. Will they reboot the franchise? Will they keep the current actors and storylines as a parallel universe before mashing them together? There are still so many questions, but it is great to know that these possibilities are being discussed behind the scenes.

What would you like to see? Do you want to see Hugh Jackman back or would you rather leave his story behind with Logan? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: We Got This Covered