Here is a nice little surprise. Looks like Hulkbuster will be making a return once again in Avengers: Endgame. We got the reveal thanks to a brand new promo banner that showcases the Avengers team. The banner highlights the various survivors of the Decimation and it includes what seems to be a Quantum Hulkbuster. Maybe it would be better titled as the Thanosbuster at this point? A lot of elements from this poster seem to come from the recently released poster and they continue to use the purple color for this film’s promotion. The backdrop from Tony’s time in space is a great choice especially with the swallow-inspired Benatar floating in the background.

We get a good look at everyone’s face in this promo. Even War Machine isn’t wearing a helmet so it is rather interesting that they don’t reveal who is in the Hulkbuster armor. It even has a new design that is much closer to the Quantum suits that we saw in the latest trailer. Perhaps Tony is pulling out the big guns to take down Thanos. We might see a brand new Hulkbuster suit that is made out of nanotech. The futurist probably learned quite a few new tricks while stuck in space to take down the Mad Titan. It would not be too surprising for him to be able to switch between a new Hulkbuster and his latest nanotech armor at will to get the upper hand. Rocket’s knowledge from space could also come in handy to expand the team’s armory. Maybe we also get Banner returning in the armor as he might still be trying to figure things out with the Hulk before they finally work it out at some point in the film. Infinity War already was full to the brim with characters and comic-book moments but who knows what is heading our way in Endgame.

What do you think about the Hulkbuster’s inclusion? How do you think it will fit into the film?