So, it seems like a children’s book for the movie has revealed that Annette Bening is playing the Supreme Intelligence.

Now, before you comic book fans get sad about the Supreme Intelligence not being a giant bulbous head in a jar, keep in mind both the original rumors from trades surrounding Annette Bening’s casting and her recently revealed character poster. Both of these lead many to believe that she could be playing two roles in Captain Marvel.

By this point, Jude Law has been all but officially confirmed to be playing Yon-Rogg. No one left in the cast could fill the role of Mar-Vell, besides Annette Bening. Not to mention that in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she revealed that she did have at least one fight scene.

Additionally, there has been no news about who will be playing Carol’s mother. This along with the casting rumor have led people to believe that Mar-Vell will also be Carol’s mother. In fact, Annette Bening’s original casting rumor described her character as a scientist and Carol Danvers’ mother.

As for how she could be playing the Supreme Intelligence too? In the comic books, the Supreme Intelligence was the amalgamation of all the greatest minds of the Kree. Upon death, Kree would have their minds absorbed into the Supreme Intelligence. It’s likely then that Mar-Vell could have died and been absorbed into the Supreme Intelligence too. Since she would be Carol’s mother in this scenario, it’s possible that the Supreme Intelligence is using her appearance to further manipulate an already amnesia stricken Carol.

Source: Twitter