Various industries in the world may be on pause during this pandemic but not Marvel Studios. Kevin Feige and his thinktank of producers are still at it, developing projects here and there, and one of them may be about the infamous Illuminati, this according to Illuminerdi.

Says the site, there is a cast listing circulating around various agencies with the IP and Kevin Feige’s name listed on it. It’s not clear for what the project is or whether it’s a film or TV show but the existence of this listing is proof there is interest in it from the studio. However, it should be noted that Marvel Studios is always on the lookout for properties to develop. Some of them never see the light of day and they too started out as cast listings.

For the uninitiated, the Illuminati is a cabal of Earth’s brightest formed with the purpose of keeping things in check. Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Black Bolt, Professor X, Namor, and Doctor Strange are the groups OG staples but characters like Black Panther, Captain America, and Beast have come in as well. Should the team come to fruition on the big screen, we’re likely to see a very different iteration, given some character absences.

Source: Illuminerdi