Thanks to a redditor who claimed he was just “searching for Daredevil on Netflix”, we now have what appears to be our first look at Matt Murdock’s red suit. I initially saw this posted and then quickly deleted on /r/marvelstudios and it linked to an imgur image sourcing the image to a Netflix CDN url which was still working when I saw it initially. That was enough for me to confirm it’s legitimacy. We posted it on our Twitter account but now that other outlets are running with it I decided to stick it up here as well.

Spoilers Below


We all knew the red suit was coming thanks to interviews/AMA’s with cast and crew, but we didn’t know how they were going to go about it. This seems like a very tactical and practical approach. What do you think of the suit? Sound off in the comments below.

Update: Some users over at have also apparently searched for Daredevil on their accounts and come across the image as well. I can’t confirm any of this myself as it doesn’t show up on my account, but you can see the screenshots below.

Update 2: Marvel has gone ahead and officially released a better look at the red suit.