Being in the seemingly slow season of MCU chatter with no new movies or shows releasing for a while, it’s always exciting having days where we get anything that looks even remotely new. Thankfully, today is one of those days! A leak from Twitter has given us some potentially new shots from Marvel’s What If…?, the MCU’s first all-animated show set for a release in Summer 2021 on Disney+!

These screenshots seem to confirm some of the scenes that were reportedly teased at D23. We see images with King T’Challa as Star-Lord, a zombie Captain America, and a still-skinny Steve Rogers seemingly watching the Manhattan Project instead of partaking in it. We also see Peggy Carter both with the Howling Commandos and riding what looks like OG Iron Man suit complete with her new shield, presumably with her man Steve as the suit’s pilot!

There is even a look at Bucky Barnes, although the dim lighting and unclear background don’t give us much of a hint as to where (or when) the Winter Soldier may be. What If…? had a huge turnout both at SDCC and D23, and rightfully so given the hype it’s bringing to MCU fans worldwide, and it’s only making the wait feel longer for its release in almost 2 years!

Anybody else excited for the premiere on Disney+? I know I am!