It is finally here after being teased for quite some time. Even Kevin Feige mentioned that something might be in the works for MCU fans. This wasn’t an official announcement as it was accidentally leaked by Best Buy. The official Infinity Saga box set will include all 23 films and a disc with never-before-seen scenes. It will be released on November 15th for a whopping $549.99. This will include an official letter by Feige alongside a limited edition collector’s item. This might be the largest collector’s item for Marvel Studios to release even if it doesn’t include a replica of an Infinity Stones like the Phase collections.

This is quite the collection to behold. What already sticks out is the exclusive disc that will include completely new deleted scenes. The recently released alternative post-credit sequence for the original Iron Man will most likely be included as well. MCU collection also includes The Incredible Hulk, which technically is owned by Universal Pictures, and both Spider-Man films that are owned by Sony. It would not be surprising if the release of this box set would’ve been postponed or even changed if the Spider-Man negotiations dragged out. We can only imagine the discussions that took place for this collector’s item to see the light of day. This is a must-have for many fans but it does seem like it’ll be limited edition so pre-orders will stockpile before it’s release.

Do you plan on buying the box set?

Source: MCUCosmic via Twitter