We have no idea how far Avengers: Infinity War will go, throughout the Universe. The journey will bring our heroes to earth, at some point, as we have seen set footage of Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey, Jr, Benedict Wong, and Mark Ruffalo on what appears to be the streets of New York. With the Eye of Agamotto present in those shots, it’s possible to consider that our heroes will be traveling through time, as well as space.

It’s possible that they will be traveling to the 1970’s, as a recent casting call is looking for “1970’s Model Types” for a background role. The call is specifically looking for Caucasians with natural hair color, “no tattoos, long hair preferred, hippy, flower child style.” These scenes will be filmed next week.

The MCU has been no stranger to flashback scenes. One of the most incredible moments of Captain America: Civil War was seeing a young Tony Stark, with Downey being transformed into an amazingly fresh-faced version of himself for a conversation with his deceased parents. Being in a room full of models definitely seems like a Stark situation, but with the power of time travel, any scenario is possible.

Are there any classic comic moments that you hope they are putting together with this long-haired hippy women? Let us know, in the comments!

Source: Backstage.com