The second prelude tie-in comic for Avengers: Infinity War was released yesterday, chronicling the current locations of the Infinity Stones. In it, Wong and Doctor Strange have an easter-eggy discussion about the Infinity Stones and are nonchalantly interrupted by the events of Thor: Ragnarok when Thor meets Strange in his search for Odin. According to Reddit user /u/nishlesh who detailed the events of the comic, Wong gives hint to the yet-to-be-revealed Soul Stone, describing it as the most powerful stone of the bunch.

After Strange deals with them, he asks Wong about the 6th stone and Wong says nothing much is know about it other than the fact that it’s the most dangerous one, and whoever, if and when, comes looking for them, needs to be stopped, showing a visual of Thanos wearing the empty gauntlet and grinning (post-credit scene from Ultron).


Any fan keeping tabs on Thanos’ quest for the Infinity Stones across the galaxy knows that the only stone to not yet make an appearance in the MCU is the Soul Stone. Originally theorized to appear in Black Panther, fans who’ve seen the film know that that isn’t the case. Director Ryan Coogler has since debunked that theory saying that Marvel never had any interest putting the Soul Stone in Wakanda. And this revelation from Wong makes the missing stone all the more intriguing. I’ve always thought that given how most official promotional artwork featuring Thanos and the gauntlet had the Mind Stone front and center, Vision’s Mind Stone was the creme de la creme of the Infinite Six.

Now of course, this tie-in revelation could easily be overruled by the true rulers at Marvel Studios once the film comes out. The Soul Stone could end up being the whackest of the bunch. But until we hear otherwise from the film itself, this is the closest thing we have to canon. It’ll be interesting to see how the Soul Stone comes to play in the film.

Source: Reddit