The fanboy community was set ablaze yesterday when screenshots from what looks to be a pre-CGI version of the Avengers: Infinity War trailer surfaced online. The leak convinced fans including us that a trailer was imminent in the coming days. However, a new report (or rumor depending on how you want to look at it) is now saying that the much-awaited trailer isn’t due until the first week of December.

Ever since those leaked bootlegs from SDCC dropped in July, fans have been crazy antsy for the trailer. And last night’s leak did nothing to alleviate those desires to get the trailer ASAP. We have no way of verifying this tweet (though the user above used to work for IGN so there may be clout to his words) but if indeed true, then we still have two weeks to wait, a change to the usual October-November trailer premieres for Marvel Studios’ May offerings. So close yet so far!

Source: Twitter