Marvel’s most ambitious project is officially finished with its main production window.  Kevin Feige recently told fans that the 90-day production schedule was close to over, and now the Russo Brothers have confirmed that their work behind the camera is indeed finished.

This announcement is perfect in so many ways.  First of all, it is just funny.  The directors still have some of their comedy chops from the sitcom days.  Second, there is a small Captain America: Civil War illusion in that Joseph has appeared as a dead guy on camera before.  He was the psychologist killed by Zemo in the hotel room.  Finally, it also hints at just how exhausting the process of filming these movies is.

The work for the Russos is far from over.  This film alone will now enter extensive post-production work (including editing and VFX work), and most likely reshoots.  (At this point almost all films of this size reshoot something.)  Also, they have a little film called Avengers 4 (for now), which will start filming in the not too distant future.  Add on top the media responsibilities like attending conventions and doing TV interviews, and you can bet that they will be in for a major vacation in the Summer of 2019.

Can you believe that Infnity War is already filmed?  That means its release is close(er)!  What are you hoping to see in the movie?  What do you think the fourth Avengers film will be called?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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