Inhumans is finally available in select IMAX theatres. The domestic release of the pilot episodes is airing on 393 screens with an additional 680 screens that are available in 64 global markets. To put it in comparison, when Game of Thrones was released onto IMAX screens in 2015, it was aired on around 205 screens domestically. Still, estimates are hard to make with such a unique property. Predictions are ranging from $1.5 to $2 million for its domestic opening weekend.

The Friday release earned around $500,000, which is hinting at a $1.94 million gross over four days. Obviously, there’s no point comparing it with the tentpole Marvel releases given that it’s being shown in fewer theaters and that marketing is primarily aimed for the TV crowd.  The closest comparison one can make is the aformentioned Game of Thrones finale from 2015. It had the advantage of being an existing property with an already established viewership. So far, we do not know how it is doing internationally, but we might hear more by the end of the weekend.

It’s uncertain whether Inhumans will stick to its original two-week schedule, but so far it seems to be on par with other TV showings in the format. Moreover, the true test for the show’s longevity will be its official release on ABC. Overall, this has been a very slow summer. As Forbes points out, this is the first Labor Day weekend that did not have a 1.000+ release since 1992, which means that the special airing of the two-part pilot is actually the biggest new release of the weekend.

Have any of you seen the film? What did you guys think of it? Will you contribute to this $2 million prediction? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: BoxOfficeMojo, Deadline, Forbes

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