We’re in one of those rare instances in the year where two MCU properties are released so close to each other. Last weekend saw the release of the much-anticipated The Defenders. And in a little over a week, September 1st will see the cinematic debut of the Inhumans, premiering in some IMAX theaters that may or may not be near you. Ahead of its premiere and during the Great American solar eclipse nonetheless, the official Inhumans twitter page just released some brand new character posters highlighting the Royal Family. And guess what? They look pretty cool!

This should have been the first images released to the public! You got each character in an action pose airbrushed and edited into whatever abstract background their character looks best on along with a title describing their role. You got fiery-tempered Gorgon amidst an earthy backdrop because he likes to stomp on the ground I think. Black Bolt looking like he was blessed by the Holy Spirit in a shade of blue. Triton looking like a fish-out-of-the-water with his damn hoodie. For some reason, there’s a long bridge behind Karnak. Let’s be real, the true highlight of these character posters is that damn beautiful Medusa one. Damn, they nailed how her hair should look! The colors on her are fantastic! Again, this should have been our first look at them.

And if you’re dying to see a little bit more from these posters, they released an official teaser a couple of days ago highlighting the titles of each character.

What do you think of these character posters? Any favorites that stand out to you? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter

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