A new era of Marvel television begins this fall.  After years of Marvel TV being limited to a series or two on ABC and Netflix, this upcoming season will include not only Inhumans and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC’s new sci-fi Fridays, but also will see Freeform and Hulu joining the fray, in addition to Netflix pumping out three shows a year and expanding past the original quintet of shows they signed on for.  All in all, it will be a TV bonanza.  And it will all start with Inhumans which is reaching the end of its shooting schedule.

This will make the total filming window about three months in total, with the first photos of Black Bolt in Honolulu coming at the beginning of March.  Looking at a calendar, that’s fourteen weeks to film eight episodes, which is a relatively leisurely rate compared to the time allotted for an episode of S.H.I.E.L.D.  It would seem that the extra IMAX money has allowed the creative team some more freedom than a usual production.

While fans still can’t evaluate if that extra time and budget have resulted in a great product, the advertisers who have seen footage appear to be interested.  Deadline recently reviewed what kind of interest international TV networks were showing in American shows and it appears that Inhumans and another new Marvel property are getting significant interest.

Marvel also has been popular at the 2017 LA Screenings. In addition to The Gifted, two new Marvel dramas from ABC Studios are getting buzz, Inhumans for ABC, which is getting a theatrical launch on IMAX screens, and Cloak and Dagger for Freeform.

The IMAX platform appears to be a selling point for international suitors.  Also great to see that Cloak and Dagger is receiving some attention as well.  While most TV production has been focused on the United States in years past, the future of TV will likely be different.  Ad revenue is not as high as it used to be.  As such, networks are having to pinch pennies and increase revenue.  International demand is one avenue for the latter (similar to how the film business is catering more to ticket purchasers around the globe.)  On the former issue, networks are putting much more effort and money into shows their production arms create (i.e. ABC Studios shows on ABC) to cut out fees to production companies not in-house.  Disney and Marvel have stayed true to that philosophy generally, with ABC and Freeform both sub-entities and Hulu partially owned by the Mouse House.

Where is your excitement level for these two shows?  Which do you want to see more?  Will you be seeing Inhumans on IMAX or wait until it comes to ABC?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Inhumans starring Anson MountSerinda SwanIwan Rheon, and Ken Leung will debut in IMAX theaters on Septemeber 1 and on ABC a few weeks later.  Cloak and Dagger stars Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph and will release some time in early 2018 on Freeform.

Sources: Twitter and Deadline