Here is a rather unsurprising fact, it seems that pre-production was rushed quite a bit for Inhumans. One element that has plagued the show was its rather simplistic design, especially when it came to the costumes. Many were displeased once the first pictures were released showing off the Royal Family. Scott Buck has stated that the show would be more grounded, which could have explained the choices in how the costumes were created. A recent post on Instagram by artist Mark Brooks gives a small hint at how rushed pre-production truly was.

Despite only having two days to create the first designs, we can’t help notice that these designs for Karnak, Auran and what seems to be Crystal, look fantastic! Karnak seems to be closer to a monk in these pictures, especially the first two are quite interesting. Auran’s first design even shows her with her ears from the comics. It would have been nice to see a more comic-accurate version of the character or even a bit more creativity given to her overall design.

What really sticks out is the more “royal” feeling these designs showcase. These might have also been more appropriate for the attire of the Royal family. It would have even made them stand out more among other MCU properties. The designs also lend themselves to the whole “Game of Thrones of the MCU” description they were crowing during the project’s early days. They probably were not able to invest more time for such detailed costumes due to the rushed production. Maybe if the show is renewed for a second season they can take a new angle with their designs to embrace the more out-there side of these characters.

What do you think of these designs? Are you surprised about the short pre-production time?

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