We are only a few weeks away from the release of Marvel’s new ABC series Inhumans. At the time, Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb was a bit coy on the IMAX ticket prices during its panel at TCA. This raised some questions regarding how much it would cost to see this film in their respective cinemas. Thankfully, we now finally have our answer, as fans can now reserve tickets for the upcoming premiere.

It seems that they are pricing the 75-minute experience at around $15 for local theatres. In general,  the costs are about the same if one would watch any other Marvel Studios film in an IMAX theatre. They are treating the Inhumans no different from any other film release. It will be airing on Thursday, August 31st, at 7 pm and 9.15 pm (depending on the cinema).  It will have a two- or three-week run before it goes on hiatus building up to its release on ABC at the end of September.

International fans might still have to wait, as there are no official confirmations when tickets will go online. IMAX has created various micro sites to promote the film, as for example one for Germany and Austria has hit the web. It also looks like that international fans will get their hands on the show much sooner than expected, as it will release on the same day as in the US in IMAX.

Moreover, the before-mentioned micro site from Germany hints at a potential early release on TV outside of the US. There is also the possibility for it to be aired exclusively on Amazon or Netflix for international markets, which the latter has already tested with its German release of CW’s Riverdale. The streaming platform aired new episodes weekly with official an German dub alongside its US release on the CW. It only took two days for it to be available on the streaming service after it aired in the US, which could be a potential strategy used with Inhumans. The lower count of episodes and already finished production may hint at dubbing being handled quite early so it can release worldwide without much delay.

What do you think? Would you watch the film for that price?

Source: Fandango, Showcase, IMAX